Ying Pol Industrial Corp.

Ying Pol, your reliable business partner, offers a total solution of Fitness, Exercise, Sport and Entertainmant for you in an  ONE STOP SHOP that saves your time, let your cost down and benefit your business.


JR-201C Counter Jump Rope

JR-401P Stainless Steel Jump Rope

JR-502N Ropeless Jump Rope

HU6002C Hu-La Hoop

HU7053 Hu-La Hoop

TR-001 Toning Ring

PB-011 Push-Up Bar

EW-819 Exercise Wheel

AS871R Puller Aerobic Step

WB316, WB317 Latex Band

RTB155 Rubber Therapy Band

WB 1030S Workout Board

KB-500 Kettlebell

MS615R Mini Stepper

PE 455 Pedal Exerciser

BBM4872 Baseball & Softball Mask

BPPG-230 Baseball & Softball Body Protector

8414-B Glove - Pitcher

BR-26 Badminton Racket

BR-32 Badminton Racket

TR271 Tennis Racket

TR272 Tennis Racket

TB1233(L) / TB1236(R) Tennis Ball

2555-L Relay Baton

SPT-210 Electronic Pistol & Amplifer

HP-PL206P Two way Hand Pump

IFS-100 Air Compressor

IFS-101 Air Compressor

PW-70 Plastic Whistle

BW)-01 Brass Whistle Cover

BRU-201 Running Bottle

BTM-310 Running Bottle

WB-B01A~P Wrist Band

HB-M02 Head Band

KS-401 Knee Support

EP-640 Elbow Pad

CW-503 3-pcs Cutlery set

TFF-001 Titanium Folding Fork

TFS-002 Titanium Folding Spoon

FT-640 Folding Table

WS-324 Drinking Water Stand

SD295 / SD296 / SD297 Dice

RSB-60 Rubber Sponge "Smile" Ball

YRFB11070 / YRFB11090 Tennis Training Foam Ball

SCFB101 ~ 106 PU Skin Coated Foam Ball

WSE-66 Spoon & Egg Race Set

DBF-200 Color Changable Frisbee

PB-002 Push Bike

BN-600 / BN-800 / BN-300 Bingo Cage

CL-600 Jet Racer Balloon